Charging systemes


Pankl Turbosystems stands for innovative, modern turbocharger applications. Our product portfolio includes single- and multi-stage turbocharging systems (wastegate, VTG and unregulated), exhaust manifolds and exhaust systems, and external wastegates. We offer:
– Complete bespoke turbosystems and ancillaries development
– Optimization and adaption of existing turbochargers from all renowned manufacturers for new applications
– Overhaul or reproduction of rare turbochargers (e.g. historic motorsport, classic car)

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Pankl turbochargers can already be found in almost all industry branches, namely:
– Motorsport
– Performance road vehicles
(hypercars, sports cars and tuning)
– Aviation
– On- and off-highway applications
– Stationary engines, combined heat & power (CHP) units

Technical highlights

realization of state-of-the-art boosting and recuperation strategies concurrently
various system architectures supported, from 48V to 400V (HV2) to 800V (HV3)
bespoke ultra-high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and power electronics
wide-range compressors simultaneously improve low-end torque and top-end performance
friction- and inertia-optimized bearing systems


Pankl Turbosystems fuel cell air supply (FCAS) systems are designed for the next generation of high-performance fuel cells. Bespoke compressor and expander stages combined with highly efficient air bearings guarantee the most efficient air supply and energy recovery possible demanded across all fuel cell operating conditions.


Due to the modular design of our FCAS systems, a wide variety of configurations can be realized. It is possible to operate the system with one or two compressors (in parallel or series), depending on customer requirements. Alternatively, the FCAS can be equipped with a waste heat expander, increasing the overall system efficiency.

Technical Highlights:
• Industry-leading system efficiency and power density
• various system architectures supported
• Oil-free aerodynamic foil bearings
• Bespoke high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and power electronics
• Modular design to fit diverse customer configurations in the shortest possible timeplan

Spec FCAS: FCAS2, FCAS2.64, FCAS2.73, FCAS2+3