Throughout the year, we offer intern­ships in a wide range of business areas. During an internship, you will be part of our team right from the start and you will be involved in exciting projects that may mark the beginning of your career at our company.

An internship is also a perfect way of learning more about your strengths, interests and to have the possibility to discover your dream profession in the process!

We also support and promote project reports, diploma and PhD theses in a broad range of subjects, from innov­ative materials to process technology and general automotive appli­ca­tions.

Work and study with Pankl

If you are still at university, keen to gain practical experience and earn money, our work-and-study programme in connection with your education at a university of applied sciences is the perfect way of joining Pankl, learning from our professionals and linking theory and practice.

A worthwhile partnership for both sides!

Join Pankl during
the holidays

The summer holidays are a good oppor­tunity to get to know our company.
We are happy to receive appli­ca­tions online till end of January for our summer jobs in a wide range of business areas.

Please make sure to state in your appli­cation which areas you are most inter­ested in.

Placements for HTBL students

In cooperation with the HTBL Kapfenberg, you have the option of completing your technical placement in our production segment, supported by our well-trained experts who prepare you for your future career.