High Performance

The next generations of high-performance vehicles will feature an extraordinary design and revolutionary technologies.

Pankl High Performance is driven by the quest for top performance, precision and efficiency – whether it comes to developing and manufacturing new drivetrain and engine components

for luxury vehicles, for small-volume production or for special-edition models.


Pankl High Performance specialises in developing optimised products for engine, chassis and transmission systems as commissioned by our premium customers, the automotive industry and a range of motor sports teams. Pankl High Performance aims at fulfilling the increasing demand for higher-performance engines in relation to the vehicle mass by customising the lightweight design of all components, combined with the intelligent use of high-strength steel, titanium and other high-performance alloys.

Further criteria that high-perfor­mance vehicles must fulfill include strong acceleration, excellent handling characteristics and high final speed, all combined with the lowest possible use of fuel and CO2 emission.

In order to fulfill all these requirements, the Pankl team is constantly working on new solutions.


High-Precision machine pool and top quality assurance processes

Our entire manufac­turing chain is based on the principle of high perfor­mance: State-of-the-art, high-precision machines, supported by smart-automation systems, assure the quality of every single product, whether for large- or small-volume production or special-edition models. A 100% trace­ability of all quality data from the original forged part to the finished parts increases process safety and enables the imple­men­tation of targeted measures for the optimi­sation of every component. Weaknesses can be identified quickly in order to define instantly new solutions. The continuous devel­opment of compo­nents also guarantees the efficient, flexible imple­men­tation of modifi­ca­tions to customer requests, for example in case of perfor­mance or engine speed increase.


The customised, tailor-made compo­nents, assem­blies and full solutions drawn up, developed and manufac­tured by Pankl High Perfor­mance include a wide range of sophis­ti­cated vehicle compo­nents that must withstand the toughest usage condi­tions. This includes engine, trans­mission and chassis compo­nents and modules. The wide range of innov­ative products proves just how motivated and creative the Pankl team is when it comes to imple­menting tomor­row’s mobility require­ments today, and also reflects the enormous potential harboured by the intel­ligent linking of chassis and drive systems.


Pankl proves each day its strength in precision, its speed and flexibility throughout the manufacturing of highly precise and complex components.


In the high performance division we develop products from the areas of engine / turbosystems, drivetrain, forged parts, industrial parts and cooling systems.


Engine / Turbosystems

As a tier-1 supplier, Pankl develops and manufactures high quality engine components and turbochargers for exclusive high performance series vehicles.


Forged Parts

Pankl compo­nents are used in cases where beside light­weight designs, high standards in terms of manufac­turing compe­tence, quality, safety, materials and design apply.


Cooling Systems

Pankl manufactures soldered water and oil coolers for motorcycles from aluminum in first-class performance and quality.


Drivetrain / Gearbox

Our product portfolio ranges from individual components and assemblies all the way to complete solutions such as transmission and wheel suspension systems.


Industrial Applications

Pankl also offers a broad portfolio of complex products and processing options for indus­trial appli­ca­tions.

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