The international motorsports industry re-defines its strategies continuously.

The development of increasingly progressive technologies and designs for engine and drive systems creates challenges, tasks and issues that Pankl Racing solves with enthusiasm and commitment.

Our approach: connecting competences and
utilizing synergies.


Pankl Racing develops and produces engine components – con-rods, pistons, piston pins, bolts, crankshafts – from high-strength steel and titanium alloys as well as turbocharger applications and also offers complete solutions for drivetrain and suspension systems for all motor sports segments.

It is the declared goal of Pankl Racing to come up with an intelligent, complete concept including technical support tailor-made to suit any customer’s requirements. From the start of a project, through the development process and all the way till the finished product, customers have a contact partner at their disposal who is in charge of the whole project and can count on the support of a team of experts.

The result: direct, efficient project management for the benefit of the customer.


Tested Quality

An essential part of the development process is the Finite Element Analysis of our components, for which Pankl Racing uses a proprietary method.
By fine-tuning the individual components, we are able to guarantee an optimised result with regard to performance characteristics and reliability.

Up-to-date manufacturing facilities and surface treatment facilities paired with the expertise of our process engineers ensure that we are able to comply with our customers’ stringent quality requirements throughout the entire process chain.

The ongoing development of all our processes contributes to continuous product improvements and ensures our ability to provide our partners with individual, innovative solutions at all times.


An additional focus with the goal of creating a competitive edge for our customers lies on aftermarket and tuning. The outstanding compe­tence of our business is also reflected in our aftermarket department that guarantees through innovative solutions and the comprehensive Pankl portfolio a long-lasting performance and cost-effectiveness of the vehicles.

Pankl Racing develops and manufactures high-grade engine compo­nents for performance-tuned and vintage vehicles, either standardised or made to customers’ specifications, whereas we integrate the latest findings from our worldwide cooperation initiatives with leading racing teams.

The independent brand CP-Carrillo looks back on a long-standing tradition as an engine component manufacturer and is a competent development partner for aftermarket products.

In 2017 CP-Carrillo acquires Arias Pistons. For more information visit

For more information visit


Pankl proves each day its strength in precision, its speed and flexibility throughout the manufacturing of highly precise and complex components.


In the racing division we develop products from the areas of engine and drivetrain.



As a tier-1 supplier, Pankl develops and manufactures high quality engine components and turbochargers for exclusive high performance series vehicles.



Our product portfolio ranges from individual components and assemblies all the way to complete solutions such as transmission and wheel suspension systems.

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