Together into the future

Responsible corporate governance and sustainability constitute the foundation for the success of Pankl. Continuously training, informing and motivating all employees is fundamental.

Pankl aligns production methods that conserve resources.

We are committed to the topics of


Global climate change and scarcity of resources represent a major challenge for the customers of the Pankl Group. To master these challenges, our customers rely on measures that reduce fuel consumption by increasing the efficiency of combustion engines, reducing vehicle weight and developing alternative drive concepts. Pankl constantly refines its existing products and develops new innovative solutions to help its customers reach their goals of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Human capital

The employees constitute the backbone for the commercial success of Pankl. Their identification with the company is reflected in the passion for racing and the drive to find creative solutions. This long-standing loyalty and commitment lays the foundation for the success of the business.

Human rights and combating corruption

The Code of Conduct defines the principles and standards Pankl expects of its suppliers of goods and services in terms of their responsibility towards people and the environment. The Code of Conduct is oriented not only towards international and generally accepted treaties on upholding human rights and combating corruption but also on the law.

As a company, Pankl expects its suppliers to share the fundamental values of Pankl and to comply with the law, observe the human rights of their employees and the laws banning child labour, and ensure these principles are implemented and observed in their own supply chains.